Hip-hop heads can’t seem to keep their penises in their pants, at least according to this week’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop. Peter Gunz and apparently Joe Budden’s dirt were exposed, with Gunz’s in particular coming to blows—literally. Meanwhile Rich Dollaz learns that Erica Mena has a girlfriend, and that it’s quite serious, and Yandy shows her loyalty. Check out XXL’s weekly roundup.


Battle of the Wannabe’s - The new girl on the block, Nya, who went from stripping to rapping meets up with Joe Budden at Sin City strip club to talk about her music career, in which she reveals she’s been recording with the likes of Jadakiss and even opened up for Kendrick Lamar. Joe advises Nya not to do a song with Erica Mena, as it would be a bad look and wouldn’t help her career. But when Nya tries to give Erica a little advice on how she handles her business, things get turnt up real fast. Erica gets defensive and her ego is bruised a little bit. The two exchange disses to discredit one another as artists, before Erica eventually walks out. One observation is that Erica was less crunk than her normal self. Could she have been scared?

In Between the Sheets - When Tahiry comes home to tell Joe Budden that she got a callback for her movie role, Joe isn’t too pleased. But things take a turn for the worse when Tahiry finds a strand of hair on the bed. Joe claims it belonged to a “friend” who was there the other night. Tahiry does a little inspection to find that Joe changed the sheets, which she finds suspect considering she is always the one to change the sheets. When she finds the old sheets, she discovers makeup smudged on them, hence, why Joe changed the sheets. Tahiry, who’s known to explode, handled like a lady and walked off, after she curses him out of course. Joe follows the golden rule: lie, lie and then lie.

Girl on Girl Love - Erica Mena’s girlfriend Cyn Santana makes her television debut, as Erica takes her out to a restaurant. Apparently Cyn loves Chipotle, so going to an actual restaurant was considered fancy. During dinner, Erica reveals that she’s in love. Cyn, however, is a little hesitant because Erica is her first girl-on-girl relationship. Nonetheless, the two beautiful women appear to have great chemistry.

You are the Father (Maybe) - Erica Jean tells her best friend, Mystic, that she’s agreed to give Saigon a paternity test for their son. She admits that she was wrong for not inviting him to the birthing, but that she was hurt by Saigon’s verbal abuse at the time. She adds that she wants to try to make it work for the sake of the family.

The Moment of Truth - Peter Gunz finally grows a pair and decides to tell his baby mama, Tara, the truth about his relationship with Amina, sort of. He admits to smashing her, but conveniently forgets to mention that they’re in an actual relationship. A marriage to be exact. But that doesn’t stop Tara from going ape shit. Poor Peter gets slapped a few times with a few F-bombs here and there. It was like watching a boy being chastised for acting up in school. Something about that scene seemed very staged. Not that that’s surprising. Amina on the other hand isn’t pleased to hear that Peter didn’t tell Tara all of the truth, leaving her to believe that he’s still in love with her.

Cat Fight - Because of her loyalty to Tara, Yandy decides to let her know about a showcase she’s going to see Amina perform. While sitting down with Amina after the show with Rich, Tara pops out of nowhere, obviously planned to back Amina into a wall. Amina looked very uncomfortable and caught off guard. Unfortunately for Tara, the joke was on her when she finds out that Amina isn’t Peter’s side chick, but his wife. In less than two seconds, the scene turns into an all-out catfight, resulting in both ladies being restrained by security.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)