On this week’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop (New York), Tara and Tahiry get fed up with their former men, Peter Gunz and Joe Budden, Saigon gets the results of his paternity test and Erica and Rich Dollaz consummate their threesome...sort of. Check out XXL’s review highlight below.


A Woman Scorned - After Tara discovers a video of Peter and Amina at a golf course he once took her to, she loses it (again) and destroys all of Peter’s things, cutting up up his sneakers, his guitar strings and clothes. She then takes pictures of it and texts them to Peter, who comes home to his things destroyed all over the floor. Tara then explodes on Peter, clearly still hurt from discovering that Peter and Amina are married. Peter makes it very clear that he has no intentions on choosing between Tara and Amina, and instead plays the fence with each lady, telling them the three magic words they want to hear: I love you.

But Tara wasn’t the only woman scorned. Tahiry, still livid after discovering that another woman was in her and Joe’s bed, meets with Budden at a session with their relationship therapist. But when Joe refuses to cop to anything and makes her look like she’s trippin’, Tahiry blows up like a ball of fire. She then goes over to her best friend, Rasheeda Ali’s house for comfort.

And the Father Is… - Saigon meets up with Erica Jean to read the test results of his paternity test where he discovers that he is indeed the father. Erica is then brought to tears of happiness, of course.

Spanish Chicks Share D*ck? - During Rasheeda’s networking event, Tahiry, Erica Mena, Cyn Santana and Nya Lee gather to chat. However, things go left when Cyn alludes to Tahiry inviting other women in the bed with her and Joe because, “Spanish bitches love to share d*ck.” Tahiry loses her cool, but eventually calms down once Nya apologizes.

The Threesome - Erica Mena tells her girlfriend Cyn that she wants to work with Rich again. Cyn, however, is skeptical because of how things went down between the two of them the last time they did business. When the three meet up, things got a little heated between Rich and Cyn, who was not only marking her territory, but damn near showing Rich who the real man was in the room. Though Rich had pretty much decided that a business relationship with Erica was not going to happen with Cyn in the picture, he was stunned when Erica whipped out a signed contract that he unsuccessfully tried to get her to sign over the past year. With Rich officially signed on as Erica’s manager, the threesome, at least business wise, is now official.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)

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