Take a deep breath hip-hop fans. Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth are back in the studio together. Pete Rock posted a photo on Instagram yesterday (Feb. 25) featuring himself and his old rap partner C.L. Smooth.

"Had a great meeting of the minds with da big homie!" Pete Rock wrote as a caption. He added, "It's about damn time" and "We back" in the hashtags.

The legendary duo was at the new Diggin' in the Crates studio as the D.I.T.C.'s official account also posted a photo of the two with O.C. and Showbiz.

Whether you are a diehard Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth or someone who simply appreciates the music they crafted during their respective careers, it's hard not to be excited about the news of these two working together once again.

Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth first made their mark with the well-received All Souled Out EP, which was released in 1991. The duo followed that up in 1992 with their seminal album Mecca and the Soul Brother, which is regarded as a classic. The duo's final project, 1994's The Main Ingredient, also earned plenty of critical acclaim.

The duo split in 1995 as C.L. Smooth pursued a solo career and Pete Rock further established himself as one of the top producers in hip-hop. The pair would collaborate occasionally though. The last time they worked together came when Pete Rock produced a track called "Love Is a Battlefield" for C.L. Smooth's 2007 album The Outsider.

Even if it's just a glimmer of hope, fans have a whole new reason to speculate over whether Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth's return is imminent.

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