Peewee Longway is currently preparing his forthcoming project with Atlanta duo, Spaghetti J, and now we're getting a taste of what's to come. The Southern rapper released the music video for his "I Can't Get Enough" record this week (March 28), which features him reenacting a famous scene from the award-winning 2013 movie, Wolf of Wall Street.

In the video, Longway reenacts motions of the quaalude driving scene where Leonardo DiCaprio's character is too inebriated to functionally drive himself home. Substituting quaaludes for an expired lean bottle in the music video, the "MLK" spitter matches the Oscar-winning actor's mannerisms from the scene, as he drags his weight down some steps and towards his car. The video ends with him exhaustingly climbing into his car and pulling off, despite his toxic circumstances.

"I Can't Get Enough" is produced by Spaghetti J and comes straight off of their joint Spaghetti Factory project, which is slated to drop on April 13. The project comes a few years after Longway's announcement that he was quitting rap, but fortunately, he has since proved that his words were just words at the time.

Watch Peewee Longway reenact the iconic scene from the film in his "I Can't Get Enough" video below.

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