Mere weeks after dropping Money, Pounds, Ammunition 3, Peewee Longway is dropping a new solo tape called Longway Sinatra on August 9. It looks to be produced entirely by young Atlanta producer Cassius Jay.

Peewee also has a song called "Fuck 12" on the way that should be featured on the tape. You can hear a preview of that Lil Mister-produced track below.

Longway is one of the most respected new rappers out of ATL in recent years. He was ushered into the game by Gucci along with other new acts like Young Thug, Migos and Young Dolph, and has even garnered praise from golden era poster boy LL Cool J.

“I just came along some of his music and I felt like I was hanging out with him," LL said earlier this year. "When you watch his videos, you feel like you’re there. I just liked it. He’s a cool artist.”

Earlier this year, Peewee dropped his Mr. Blue Benjamin mixtape featuring production from TM88, Will-A-Fool, Cassius Jay and more. His dense rhyming style and improved chorus structure make it one of the best tapes of the year so far.

Get ready for the tape by hearing Peewee's new collab with Gucci "Pocket Watchin."

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