Last night (Sep. 1), PartyNextDoor deleted his Twitter account after typing, "I want to give you guys the best music that you guys deserve. Sorry due to my blessings the curse is everyone wants a piece of pie. Soon - P3."

It's unclear what PND is specifically talking about. However, fans and critics speculate that he's referencing how other artists have taken his work (including songs that he's written, melodies and reference tracks) and achieved massive success. Others think the lukewarm reception to his latest project P3 might have led to the deleted tweet.

It's well-documented that the Canadian crooner wrote the smash hit "Work" and had plans to use it before Drake and Rihanna made it their own. PND is unhappy despite the song’s massive success, telling Rolling Stone a few weeks back, “It doesn’t make me happy. I’m looking for joy. It’s a moment for Rihanna and Drake. I want to invest time in creating moments for myself.”

The 23-year-old continued, “It was a blue year for me. I thought, ‘Write a hit, you’ll be rich and happy.’ Meet one of the most beautiful girls in the world, one of the most talented, and I’ll be happy. All of that: I’m not happy.”

It'll be interesting to see whether Party clears up his cryptic tweet, which you can view below, in the near future. One thing is for sure: dude is supremely talented, and he deserves his props. It seems like he's focused on regaining his happiness after somewhat of a downtrodden year. Good luck to the Mississauga, Ontario artist.

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