Papoose unleashed "Underrated" back in March—a track ensuring no one forgot about his wittiness on the mic. Less than two months later, Pap brings his bristling single to life with a hard-hitting visual.

In the video, which dropped on May 5, Papoose spits a plethora of rigid punchlines while getting a workout in at a local boxing gym. Remy's husband puts himself through a few vigorous workouts before going lacing up the gloves and throwing some haymakers in a head-to-head match up.

The 40-year-old likens himself to hip-hop mogul Diddy in the midst of his stream of consciousness then goes on to question what men are looking for in women these days. "Man, I'm on my P. Diddy shit, make bands/Watch bright, you need Ray Bans/Everybody want a sex doll, what is your mental state, damn/You want a fake woman because you're a fake man," Pap rhymes.

The former Love & Hip-Hop star not dropping an album since 2015. Could this be a sign we could be getting a full length project from The You Can't Stop Destiny rapper later this year, or is this video a subtle flex on the rap culture?

Check out Papoose's "Underrated" video below.

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