Playboi Carti is about a week removed from dropping his eagerly awaited debut mixtape, and just about everyone's happy about it—including, apparently, ESPN's Highly Questionable personality Papi Le Batard. During a recent airing of the show, Papi spit a few quick bars from Carti's "Magnolia," a cut off his new mixtape.

"In New York I milly rock, hide it in my sock/Hide it in my sock/Selling the [coughs] used to sell [coughs]/Running from the cops, going at the opps," he rapped in a slightly edited version of the "Magnolia" lyrics.

Now that Papi's spit his lyrics, it's clear Carti's on his way to doing big things for the rest of 2017. One person Carti can thank for "Magnolia" being so dope is Pierre Bourne, who produced the track along with five others on his debut mixtape. We recently sat down to discuss Bourne's come-up in the industry, and during the conversation, he mentioned the first time he was contacted by Carti.

"The first time I talked to [Carti], he called me like, 'Bro, I love your beats, man. We gotta cook up. I’ll be back in the A soon,'" Bourne told XXL.  "He was telling me he was about to move back to the A and everything. So I knew this going into February, so I just made sure I had some beats for him. And he started hitting me up to come to the studio. It was weird because it was just that one song, and then we kept doing another song and he just kept adding it to the tape. And I was like,'Bro, you’ve been working on this shit for like three years. You can’t just erase what you already had for the tape.'"

Here's to hoping Bourne and Carti can cook up more fire in the future. In the meantime, you can check out the video of Papi spitting "Magnolia" lyrics below.

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