Late Tuesday night (Feb. 7), Philly rapper Oschino posted a video of Meek Mill giving him props, saying that when he was coming up, O was one of the first to collaborate with him. Shortly after, Oschino posted a second video, explaining a recent fallout with Meek centered around the two helping to promote each others projects.

As he explains below, Oschino dropped two projects and noticed that Meek didn't help promote either via social media. "I ain’t have no problem with that," he says. However, when Meek's Dreamchasers 4 dropped in October, he asked Oschino for love which he didn't mind giving so long as Meek reciprocated down the line. "Mind you he has millions of followers, that’s money," he says below. "So I look at his page, my shit ain’t up. I look again, his page deactivated."

From there, Oschino says he mentioned the slight on Instagram Live, leading to a text conversation between the two. "Same nigga who got mad about Drake and Wale for not putting his shit up, right? So I texted him, 'You gonna put it up or not?' ‘Don’t text my phone like I owe you, I don't owe you nothing. I ain't scared of you.’ Who the fuck said you scared of me? You a fuckin' coward? It ain't even that deep. You ain't gotta put my shit up. At least I know what it is now, I ain't gotta ask you again."

He as well captioned the video with, "I got your text when ask me to throw ya cd up you dick ride everybody but the niggas in ya city. You on appetizer 3 11 times my nigga I never asked you for 1 thing EVER!!."

Speaking with XXL in October, Oschino said of Meek's presence in Philly, "Some people love him, he got a lot of fans. It depends what age. If you ask someone my age, they may not like him. You ask a younger person, they like him. A lot of people in Philly feel like he didn’t put nobody on."

Peep the IG videos below.

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