Billboard caught up with some of the people involved in Mariah Carey's biggest collaborations for insight into each track. One of the songs covered was Mariah's "Fantasy (Remix)" with Ol' Dirty Bastard. The song's A&R rep, Cory Rooney, described the wild scene that occurred when ODB came to record his part for the remix.

"I reached out to ODB and he wanted $15,000 to rap on the record," Rooney said. "At the time, that was a lot of money, but it really wasn't for Mariah Carey's budget -- so, no problem. He finally showed up, three hours late, and when he got there, it was about 10:30 at night. He had been drinking, and was on the phone when he walked in. Irate, screaming at some girl how he's gonna come kill her, he's going to kick her ass...and then whispering, 'I love you.' Then screaming again. This went on for an hour."

That was only the beginning. Rooney explains that Ol' Dirty Bastard had some specific demands before he would start recording.

"He finally came out and was like, 'Yo, pardon me, this bitch is driving me crazy. I need some Moet and Newports before we get into this record," Rooney recalled. "I said, 'It's 12:30 at night now bro, I don't know where we’re going to get Moet from.' He started yelling at the assistants, calling them white devils, saying, 'You white devils, y'all don't want black people to have shit.' They went out for like an hour, and the only thing they could find were some Heinekens. He was so disgusted, he threw a bottle on the floor."

The unpredictable Ol' Dirty Bastard would end up falling asleep three times during the recording according to Rooney. And when the decision was made to get ODB to re-record something, he demanded another $15,000. The late Wu-Tang member would get another $15,000 a week later for appearing in the music video. For all the details on the making of the "Fantasy (Remix)" and more Mariah Carey collabs, head over to Billboard.

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