Though there's no longer the excitement around his name that there once was thanks to his 2009 "Trap Say Aye" single, OJ Da Juiceman is known for providing catchy bars over bass-filled beats. Not ready to rest quite yet, the Atlanta native returns with his Cook Muzik 2 mixtape.

Da Juiceman enlists a solid class of beatsmiths for CM2. He still has a good ear for beats, selecting production that captures the essence of the trap music sound. Virginia native Lex Luger delivers a gem with "Cook A Brick," incorporating a live snare and booming bass. 24k also distributes a promising beat on "Jugg," which combines a ominous organ pitch, guitar and timely pulses of bass that is sure to make your heart race. Zaytoven runs quarterbacks most of the production of the project, and he doesn't drop the ball once, securing a cohesive feel throughout the mixtape.

OJ hits the ground running on this project with "Trapping Early Morning," with a energized flow that will blow heavy out the booming stereo systems in the South. He gives plently of gusto, attempting to rouse each listener out their seat from track to track, doing so with varying levels of success. Lyrically, OJ provides very little nourishment throughout the project, which makes it's value limited and causes things to become dull, at times. Even as someone not known for his lyrics, he's unable to step things up here. Nor do his collaborators give the necessary support for the effort.

OJ gives a project that stays true to the title, holding it down for the A and repping for the streets heavy throughout. It's going to be tough for him to make the desired impact, but OJ will continue to squeeze until the juice runs dry. —Christian Mordi