Ohgeesy's time at the Happiest Place on Earth appears to have been anything but.

According to a report TMZ published Wednesday (Aug. 7), the Shoreline Mafia member was kicked out of Disneyland on Tuesday after an alleged gun threat from someone in his crew. Apparently, the Indiana Jones Adventure ride Geesy and co. had been waiting online for broke down before they could get on it, prompting the reported incident.

Apparently, the rapper and the people with him were upset about the wait and decided to make their exit after about 15 minutes of standing on line. At this point, TMZ says, one person in the group was so mad that he threatened an employee with a gun, though the exact threat differs in various accounts from their different sources.

Witnesses say that the threat from Ohgeesy's entourage member was more along the lines of him having the gun on him and that the employee should be careful, while police say it was closer to, "I'm going to go home and get my gun." Either way, it was enough to have the group removed from the park. Ohgeesy tweeted about the incident that day.

"All i did was try n take my son to disney, they talkin bout someone heard my boy say he got a gun and then wouldnt gimme a refund on like 2 bands worth of tix," the Atlantic Records signee wrote on Wednesday morning (Aug. 7). "theez mf’s cancelled , i was just as confused as this bitch."

Ohgeesy shared video of parts of his interaction including one of him calling a female employee a "bitch" and another of Disney security speaking with his crew. In the end, everyone was ID'd and given trespass warnings on their way out of the park.

You can view Ohgeesy's videos below. XXL has reached out to his team for comment.

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