Nyck Caution is gearing up for the release of his collaborative album with Kirk Knight. While fans patiently wait for the new LP from the Pro Era duo, Nyck aims to satisfy their listening needs with a remix of XXXTentacion’sLook at Me.”

The Rojas and Jimmy Duval production provides a perfect stage for Nyck’s lyrical showcase. The Brooklyn rapper shines on the hard knocking beat, spitting slick rhymes with ease.

“See a lot, you talk a lot/We heard a lot, you not certified/You don't work a lot/You not down to ride/I heard your catalog, that shit trash/Speed through the lane Westbrook on the glass/Throw a left hook at your mask/All of y'all fake, got another face for a pass/Just to ride in that wave till that wave gonna crash/Bitch, I'm a pro with the film/Changing the flow up again/They cannot box us no more/Square up, I'm throwing a jab/My girl was tripping about Gram/So I took trip to Japan,” Nyck raps.

Nyck and Knight’s Nick @ Knight album is scheduled to drop in June. The LP will be their first release as a duo with both men coming off their own solo records. Caution dropped Disguise the Limit back in February 2016 while Knight unleashed an instrumental project titled Black Noise just a few months ago.

Listen to Nyck Caution’s new version of “Look at Me” below.

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