Toronto hip-hop artist Nue is known for his moody, off-the-dome raps regarding women and love—or lack thereof, rather. On his latest project, u met me at a strange time, the "Deathstar" creator keeps that same energy on the closing track "Neverland," part of which he spits for his XXL freestyle.

Judging from his lyrics, it's clear Nue has been through some things, including a few detrimental relationships. After acknowledging he's "way too young for datin'," Nue sing-raps "Somehow I been naive to thinkin' that your love was genuine/Lot of love cuts my heart, torn and I can't mend it."

"I picked up everything/I give a bitch anything but a wedding ring, yeah," Nue continues. "And my trust, yeah/That's a plus, yeah/She said I'm the one she feel for/She want me to know in my heart that that's what she's hear for/I went to New York and she was waiting at the aiport." Maybe it's his diet of "drugs and heavy metal" that has him in his feelings, but love is clearly not in his forecast.

When asked if he prefers to rap or get on his sing-songy flow, Nue tells XXL he loves "to do both. It just depends on the vibe and the beat," he says. "But I like both equally."

That much is proven on u met me at a strange time, his first effort on 300 Entertainment. The 10-track project sees Nue stand alone as he battles with his fixation for love, sex and drugs.

Take a listen on his SoundCloud page and catch a vibe from the up-and-coming Canadian rhymer up top.

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