Fans of Biggie Smalls who missed his biopic while it was in theaters won't have to wait long. An Unrated Directors Cut of Noroious will will be hitting the shelves next month as a DVD and Blu-ray disc. .

The special edition disc will include over an hour and a half of extras including behind-the-scenes material, deleted scenes, exclusive footage of B.I.G., filmmaker commentaries and much more.

Hitting outlets on April 21st, the collectors edition will cost t $35-40, while a single-disc DVD will be available for $29.98.

Based on the life of legendary Brooklyn rapper, the film depicts the late MC’s transition from hustler to a hip-hop superstar up until his unfortunate death.

Since the movie’s success - $21.5 million in it opening three day weekend box office sales - a biopic on RUN-D.M.C. has also been announced. – Evanka Williamson