Fans have been on the edges of their seats as they await a new project from Noname, and it looks like we're getting a few steps closer to finally getting it. While the Chicago MC once teased that her Telefone debut project could be her last, Noname reveals the name of her next project, which is titled Room 25.

Posting the new project title on Twitter, the hip-hop artist, who has frequently collaborated with Chance The Rapper over the years, gives little details about Room 25. Fans and followers still don't have a time frame of when Noname's second project is slated to drop, or how long it will be and who could be featured on it, but the title is enough to tide us over.

"My next project is called Room 25," Noname wrote on Twitter.

There's been a lot of speculation surrounding Noname's future musical path, as she stated last year that she might not be following up Telefone with any new project, and then revealed last month that she would only release two more tapes.

"I promise I'm only releasing like 2 more tapes then its nothing but rom coms from me," the rapper wrote on social media.

We'll have to see where Noname's musical path goes following Room 25, but for now, we'll be keeping our ears out for her new project. We still bump Telefone religiously.

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