No Malice channels both found-footage films and The Exorcism in his demonic new video for "Let's Die," the final song on his Let the Dead Bury the Dead album, released back in August.

The video begins with footage of someone appearing to be a church official and the Virginia rapper painting a wall in blood. The words appear to be references to bible verses and grim ideas about dreams and nightmares.

When the music starts, we see No Malice pacing across a room as he intermittently interacts with a zombie girl and blood red lights color the room. At one point there's even a snake sitting atop his head. Pretty ominous stuff, which falls right in line with the title of his album, and some of the themes.

"Read my lips: When I say hell is forever; won't til I tried to tell niggas gotta do better/That the snake came for my head Donatella/Will of God for my life I can't beat it's acapella/It's all a set up, everything that we idolize/Up to our necks in that all white like a bride," he spits over the ominous instrumental.

Peep the Gene Thornton-directed visual for yourself below. Read what the rapper has to say about Let the Dead Bury the Dead when you're done with that.

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