It's hard to believe that we still live in a time where "fake news" is an actual concern to look out for, but in hip-hop, exposing the fake has always been a necessary responsibility. In No Malice's new music video for "Fake News," he takes direct aim at those continuing to front in the game.

The video shows No Malice walking through town, passing by people in the streets who look beyond jaded with the smoke and mirrors No Malice raps about in rap today. You can read it on all of their faces: "We don't believe you. You need more people." And deservedly so, as No Malice flexes his bars on the first verse to expose the fake, or someone likely to make a cameo on the @FakeWatchBusta Instagram account.

One interesting line in No Malice's second verse is when he raps, "Why all this need for alternative facts?/At 15 I sold soap, that's alternative crack/Now I ride to Chili Peppers and Alternative tracks/My, my, how time flies/No turnin' it back." This could simply mean that he's reaffirming that he'll stick to his chosen path of uplifting raps and not glorifying the drug trade. Or it's a subtle hint to shut down any rumors that The Clipse would ever make a comeback.

The status of a new Clipse project is unclear, but Pusha T told Zane Lowe and Clipse fans around the world in a Beats 1 interview this year to "keep hope alive," so who knows.

"Fake News" will be on No Malice's long-delayed project Let The Dead Bury The Dead. There still isn't a release date but it will be available via REinvision Records.

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