At 20 years old, Saint Paul, Minn. artist Nimic Revenue is working to secure her spot in the game with a Def Jam deal. Long before she toed the line between the Auto-Tune crooning and razor-sharp rapping that earned her a deal last year, Nimic was in a group with her brother and managed by her father. As she came of age, Chicago's own Lil Durk caught wind of her music and recruited her into his crew OTF a few years ago, introducing her to a whole new fan base.

Using that momentum and her talent, Nimic inked the deal with Def Jam in 2018, and became a member of their Undisputed crew, which features the label's rising young artists in a YouTube reality show and on a compilation album—Nimic's song, "Therapy," is featured as one of the singles on the project. With her own solo album on the way and her profile continuing to rise, Nimic stopped by the XXL office to rhyme for our Flex Zone freestyle series.

Nimic doesn't hold back in the beginning of her freestyle, touching on aspects of love and hate. "Remember I couldn't trust nobody/All fucked up, couldn't love nobody/I seen hate, see ’em all try to copy/Used to hurt bad, put them drugs in my body," she nearly chants.

Later on, she reveals school was an option but not the end goal. "Bitch, I chose music, but I coulda chose college/You ain't talking blue faces, why the fuck you still talkin'," Nimic delivers.

For fans just getting put on to her music, her song "Therapy" is a solid introduction. "I never knew how powerful it was until I listened to it," Nimic explains of the track. "I just knew it was a real personal song that you get a lot of insight on me from. For it to be a single on the Undisputed album, I felt like that was the best way to ever represent myself."

Keep an eye out for Nimic Revenue's forthcoming album and watch her XXL freestyle up top.

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