Another week, another entertaining new visual from RiFF RAFF. This one's for his "I'm Not Waiting on the Summer," a mellow, but reflective cut from his Aquaberry Aquarius project.

The song sees Jody Highroller get a bit more introspective than usual, touching on the days after his father died and the time his mother apparently kicked him out of his house.

"I can still hear my mother cry/Telling me to pack my bag/And get the hell out of her life/She must have had a pretty good reason/Cuz I don't have many friends
And I don't remember where I stayed that evening," RiFF RAFF sings in during one of the verses on the song.

The hook sees the Neon Icon crooning on about not waiting for other people to tell him how he should live, which if you've been following his career, is something he truly has never done. That is definitely something that's hard to do these days, so you've got to give him his props.

The video, which was directed by Brianna Young and produced by ID Labs, finds RiFF RAFF taking an evening stroll across  a beach, tossing a football and looking unusually contemplative the whole way through. Parts of the video are seemingly over-dramatized, but it's still a pretty somber visual.

In any case, you can peep the RiFF RAFF's new visual for yourself below.

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