Azealia Banks shocked her followers when she revealed that she has been sacrificing chickens in a closet for three years. Banks referred to herself as a witch in the disturbing revelation, which included a video displaying years worth of dried blood in her closet. The news has produced a lot of strong reactions, including one from Australia singer Sia.

"Sacrificing animals for your gain is the wackest shit I've ever heard," Sia wrote on Twitter today (Dec. 30). "Get ahead by being awesome, kind and working hard."

This criticism did not sit well with Banks, who fired back at the "Chandelier" singer. The controversial rapper insulted Sia before referring to her animal sacrifice as a religious practice.

“Sis, sis… call me and let me crush up some maravilla and some honey and cascarilla and make a salve for that chapped face of yours,” Banks wrote. “Don’t you ever in your pompous white life ever fix your stupid chapped face to say anything sideways about my religious beliefs or practices. This is your first warning.”

Banks' tirade did not stop there as she threw out some more abuse on Instagram. She also reiterated her position that sacrificing chickens is a religious act.

“And your ugly pasty dry white lady winter skin face is the ugliest face I’ve ever seen that must be why you hide it all the time,” Banks wrote. “HAVE SOME FUCKING RESPECT FOR MY FUCKING TRADITIONAL AFRICAN RELIGION YOU POMPOUS WHITE BITCH.”

Both of Banks' posts have since been deleted, but screenshots of each were captured. You can view both of them below.

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