Rapper Poodieville has social media to thank for his recent viral success but he's out to prove he's no flop. The Akron, Ohio resident made headlines earlier this week after a video featuring him rapping about a cheating ex on Kodak Black's "SKRT" beat took over Twitter -- 141,000 retweets and counting.

"I swear my ex she a demon/Went and fucked a nigga in the same bed we sleep in/Shit, I ain't believe it/I was out workin', she was home creepin'/Came home early and I caught the nigga leavin'," he rhymes while sipping on what one can only assume is some fine liquor.

For those wondering if the lyrics are the real deal, yes, Poodie's girl actually cheated on him. "Everything was true, that’s what make it so crazy," the 22-year-old tells XXL. "That’s my story. So many people related to it. I didn’t know so many people related to what was going on. It was just a freestyle at that moment. I had a friend he was going through some relationship problems -- I mean we both were. I was talkin' to a couple different people and we was all going through the same thing and they was like, 'You need to write about your situation.' We just turned the beat on and turned the camera on and the rest is history."

Poodieville, who hails from East Moline, Ill., initially dropped the freestyle on Facebook in October, where its racked up nearly 5 million views. Boosie BadAzz likely added to that increase when he shared the video on his own Facebook page four days later. "HE WENT OFF!!!!" the rapper wrote as the caption to the "SKRT" freestyle. Then once the clip took off on Twitter, thanks to user @takethiscurve who wrote "never cheat on a man who's fire on a track" as the caption to the video, Poodie's status as a viral sensation was clear. But rapping is his bread and butter and not something he takes lightly.

"Once [the video] started going viral on Twitter and DJ Akademiks shared it and you guys [XXL] shared it and BET shared it, it was more like this is what I'm supposed to do," Poodie Ville says. "I'm ready, type of thing. I’m just ready for it all. I cant really think too much about it. I'm just ready to work and get to it 'cause I see an opportunity now."

Since he was 16, Poodie's been rapping and selling mixtapes in his hometown. After getting caught up in the streets once he dropped out of high school at 17, Poodie ended up going in and out of jail. However, at 19, he turned his life around and got focused on rapping. 1540, which he dropped in 2015, and Memory Lane, released this year, are two tapes to his name, though they're not available on the internet.

According to the independent artist, he raps full-time and is "real big" in Illinois, where he also throws shows. In August, he wanted to showcase his talent on a larger platform and competed for the reality competition series One Shot on BET. "I ended up making one of the top six in Miami," shares Poodie, who describes his music as "soulful." "I performed for DJ Khaled, Sway and everybody. But I didn’t end up going to the finale. I ended up being cut."

That setback didn't knock his hustle. He continued dropping new music and freestyles on Facebook and YouTube -- listen to him spit over Kanye West's "Real Friends" -- yet the clear winner is his "SKRT" freestyle. Poodie, a fan of Kodak Black, felt the "SKRT" beat was the perfect choice to tell his tale. "I always been a big fan of Kodak since like before he blew up I was listening to his stuff," Poodie says. "I was tryna put everybody on to his music and I always loved that song and I loved that beat. The first lines he says in it, ‘Girl, I’m done with you,’ I'm like, that relates to my situation. That’s really why I chose it."

With the cheating-inspired freestyle taking over the internet now, Poodieville isn't letting the opportunity pass him by. On Nov. 15, he'll drop a new mixtape, Flex on My Ex, with the help of producer Mike Fragasse. "The whole thing of it is like me and my ex going through what we went through and she didn’t stay down with me," the MC explains. "She knew how much music meant to me and I told her I was gonna make it one day and she didn’t believe that. And you know, she ended up doing what she did and me ended up blowing up after. It’s like the perfect revenge. That’s what it is."

His fans on Facebook and YouTube, where he's already dropped two more songs -- "Charged Up" and "Murder the Rap Game" -- since the "SKRT" freestyle took off, are already comparing him to some big rap names like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and even 2Pac. While some hip-hop heads may scoff at the comparison, Poodie isn't letting the chatter cloud his vision.

"I definitely feel like I got a lot of momentum," he states. "I'm ready to take the game by storm in the next few months. I have the goals. I want to do a 2017 XXL Freshman. I want to do things like that. I want to be at the BET Awards. I can't live in the moment too much right now. It's time to get to work. The viral video is what helped put the eyes on me and everybody is looking at my other stuff and like, 'Dang, where’s this guy been?"

That's a reasonable question to ask considering Poodie's got skills and the proof is now all over social media. But there's another question inquiring minds want to know the answer to: What is he drinking in the video that got him recognized? "It’s funny, everybody on Facebook was asking what I was drinking and then I ended up making videos after that. Everybody was asking and I said I was drinking super juice and I said it gives me super rap powers. And now every time I rap I say I'm drinking super juice. And it's crazy 'cause everybody keeps inboxing me like, 'How can I get my hands on this super juice?' So it's turned into this big thing on Facebook."

Luckily for Poodieville, he's got the juice now.

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