Drake's a busy guy — touring the country, flying from one coast to another — so it's understandable that he isn't able to link up with each of his collaborators in person. On a recent episode of the Combat Jack podcast, Zaytoven offered some insight into his experiences working with Drake, saying that it has been a remote connection throughout.

"When you work with Drake you don’t really work with Drake," he says in the above clip, starting at around the 2:30 mark. "You send him the song, he rap on it then y’all done worked together. So it ain’t like me and him sitting in the studio. Nah, it ain’t that. But you always impressed to hear what he done to the track or he might text you and say, ‘Boy I just did something amazing to it.’ So that’s enough for me. I ain’t got to be in the studio with homie. Long as he send me back like ‘Zay this some crack right here,’ we work together."

Earlier this year, Majid Jordan explained their experiences writing for Drake, saying, "They basically put us in the studio and it was like a studio camp, almost, there were tents in there. There were people flying in there… There were tents in the studio. I slept in a tent in the studio.”

Catch Zaytoven's full comments up above, where he as well talks about Future's upcoming Beast Mode 16 project.

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