The pursuit of life's most extravagant objects and experiences is an indefinite one for
Chainz, who returns for another installment of GQ's "Most Expensive Shit," this time visiting Pacific Sporting Arms in Azusa, Calif. to check out some specialty firearms. A majority of the pieces feature intricate engravings, the rapper at one point referring to a target rifle as looking like a "Terminator weapon."

“I shoot sometimes, obviously," he says, eyeing the scope. "I have a little property down south and I found it better to do it between breaths.”

The real prize though is a $354,000 piece that comes in a set of four and features engraved scenes of hunting dogs retrieving ducks. Reflecting on the pricey rifles, 2 Chainz, said afterward, "I must’ve smoked a bit of gun powder, because that’s what you got to be on to spend $300,000 on one of them damn rifles. John Wayne didn’t shoot it. I saw some reasonable ones but $100,000? I mean the engravement was advanced, it was some stuff that looked like a masterpiece, I cannot even lie. So I could see that, but honestly if you plan on hunting, being a gun collector, would you spend over $300,000 for that weapon?"

Watch him peruse the high-end collection up above. Tity Boi himself has been dropping some paper lately, recently purchasing a $2.45 million home in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Hills crib contains three bedrooms and five bathrooms, as well as the famous “Mothership Studio” where the likes of Van Halen and Ozzy Osbourne once recorded music.

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