It's been a long time coming for Chicago rapper Noname, who dropped the Gypsy from the end of her moniker earlier this year after realizing how insensitive it might seem to Romani people.

Fans have been patiently waiting for her debut project Telefone since summer '14, but for whatever reasons it was constantly pushed back until fans nearly gave up hope. Now there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday (June 27) Noname tweeted that she thought the end of July might be a good time to drop the project. Just last week, she tweeted out the potential tracklist to the project as well, with 12 songs included. Two of them – "All I Need" and "Freedom Interlude" – have already been released. You can hear those below.

Despite flying under the radar for awhile, Noname's been able to stand out with out complex cadences, casual delivery and point blank observations.

She came up alongside Chance The Rapper in the spoken word scene, hence why her raps sound so different from everything else out there right now. She's made a couple outstanding records with Chance as well, like "Israel" and "Lost."

Last year she had a SoundCloud of rare loosies that she's released throughout the years, but for whatever reason she cleaned her account in 2016. It's always a sad moment when artists do this kind of thing; we put our faith in streaming services, assuming the music they provide will always be there. Then one day it gets snatched away, and we can never hear it again. It's a shame that records like "Dizzy" and "Take You Back" are no longer available on her SoundCloud account, but they aren't hard to find elsewhere.

For now, let's pray Noname is serious about a July release date, because this looks to be one of the strongest debuts rap has seen in years.

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