Big Sean's Dark Sky Paradise hung over 2015 well after its February release date, thanks in large part to the album's premium features and concepts. In a recent interview with Real 92.3 though, Sean said that his next album, which should be due out sometime this year, is even better.

After receiving a Barry Sanders figuring for his upcoming birthday and shrugging off the notion that the album is done, Sean speaks in broad terms, calling his next work his best yet. "I could tell you that it’s my best work so far," he said. "I feel like on my last album, that’s the most comfortable I’ve ever been. So this one it’s taking that to another level. Concept is crazy. Songs are crazy."

Going further, the Detroit rapper got even more cryptic, saying that there is a surprise on the album that will reveal itself once more details emerge. "And I got a surprise, too," he said. "When I drop it, when it happens, you’re gonna be like ‘Oh that’s what he was talking about.’"

Dark Sky Paradise, Sean's third album in four years, just recently went platinum due to a change in the RIAA's methods in tabulating album sales. As of Feb. 1, album streams are taken into account in addition to physical sales and downloads, resulting in a sizable boost for Sean, Kendrick and Wale, all of whom earned new plaques thanks to the change. Watch Sean's interview above, where he starts talking about new music around the 2:16 mark.

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