Over the years, we've witnessed many stars first display talent as children. Initially they pop up on the scene in their adolescent years and grow on to have lengthy careers in the entertainment business. The most notable star to do so in hip-hop in recent years is Bow Wow, who now goes by real name, Shad Moss.

The rapper turned actor met Snoop Dogg in the early 1990s at the age of six. He was brought backstage at the West Coast legend's concert in Ohio by a local DJ and the two instantly clicked. Snoop says Shad's lively spirit and likeness to himself made him bestow the name Lil Bow Wow. At 13, Moss released his debut album Beware of the Dog and the rest is history. His debut became certified double platinum, selling over two million copies. Not to mention, he now stars on CBS' CSI Cyber and recently released a new single "Where You At" this past summer.

Now-a-days, with the Internet, kids can become famous much faster than when Bow Wow was trying to make it big. With one quick upload to YouTube, Instagram or Twitter; a child can easy go viral. Examples of this are Terio, Blake Dunham and Savannah T. Phan. Let's also not forget where Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy go their starts.

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