Behind the Boards: 6ix
By Emmanuel C.M.
Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of of XXL Magazine, on stands now.

Arjun Ivatury a.k.a. 6ix was either going to be a doctor or a hip-hop producer. The PG County, Md. native chose the latter and dropped out of the University of Maryland in 2013 where he majored in Neurobiology and Physiology. The first generation Indian-American found success in his new field after linking with Logic in 2010. The two have worked extensively together over the past five years on Logic’s three part Young Sinatra mixtape series and both of his albums, Under Pressure and his newest LP, The Incredible True Story. Here 6ix, 24, reflects back on learning to produce, meeting Logic and their new project.

So up until a few years ago you didn’t produce music, you were just a fan?
Yeah. I always been a fan of music but wasn’t really realistic until I met Logic. Up until then my whole life was really going to school and going to college trying to be a doctor because that was realistic. But in the last couple of years, I worked with Logic, we dropped a couple of mixtapes and started building buzz in the area. We dropped our first mixtape when I was still in school. There was a lot traction in the area and that was the first glimpse for me that it’s possible to do this. Then fast forward to a couple years, I dropped out, moved to L.A. and became full time.

How did you meet Logic?
We actually really met on Twitter when he tweeted me and asked to meet up because he remembered me from a beat battle [and asked me to] send him a batch of beats. The first batch of beats, he didn’t like any of them. So I was like, “Forget this dude. He’s kind of an asshole.” I pretty much sent him all my best beats at the time and he didn’t like any of them. I kept sending him more beats and he liked this one beat in particular that went on his first project and ever since then, we’ve become homies.

What has your progression been as a producer since linking with Logic?
As we keep getting these projects, we kind of are getting less about break beats and 808s and just trying to make good songs; strings and guitars, bass, just unconventional hip-hop stuff. I think with the first album Under Pressure, that was our first time tapping into that vibe but even more so with this upcoming album. I think it’s because it’s bringing in all our influences, our love for all music, so I think it’s really good.

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