T-Pain's rapid rise to fame in the early 2000s led him on an incredible path that eventually brought him to the home of his idol, Michael Jackson. The rapper turned singer popped up on ESPN's Highly Questionable yesterday to promote his upcoming album and was asked what moment has stood out to him during the course of his career.

"Probably getting invited and sitting in and having a chat in Michael Jackson's house," he said. "I think that was my most proud moment to see my idol actually call my management team and say he wanted me to come to his house. I sat with him and he told me that "Bartender" was the last CD bought in the last four years...I didn't cry in front of him because Im a G, but when I left there was maybe one or two tears."

In September, T-Pain announced that his upcoming albumStoicville: The Phoenix, will drop in December. Pain hasn’t dropped an album since 2011’s Revolver but made a return to the scene with his spring 2015 mixtape, The Iron Way. With his new album, T-Pain promises to take his listeneres to “new levels of T-Pain..One banger at a time!”