Earlier this week, RiFF RaFF a.k.a. Rap Game King Tut told TMZ that he was suing the creators of Spring Breakers —a successful indie film made by famed director Harmony Korine—for a cool sum of $10 million. The not-so-surprising suit comes after months of commentary from both RiFF and the film's star, James Franco, who was said to have completely copied RiFF's style for his Spring Breakers character (see Franco's Instagram photo below). RiFF went on to tell TMZ: “It’s like if I have a front yard. And you’re planting soil and you’re planting trees and building peaches and houses and selling parking lots on my property … then I deserve to be compensated for some portion of that money." Makes sense, right? Anyway, since RiFF is such a close friend to XXL, we shot him an e-mail and asked about the unfolding legal proceedings. After explaining that he's waiting for the "Neon Icon to prevail as Versace Victory," he went on to answer a few questions about the trial, what he thought of the movie and what he'd do with a cool $10mil.

XXL: So how'd you initially find out Franco's Spring Breakers character Alien was going to be based on you?
RiFF RaFF: I was emailed by Harmony Korine and he wanted me in the movie and I couldn't get ahold of him until later and I desperately wanted to work something out but unfortunately I couldn't do anything to convince Harmony to make the big move of adding me to this film.

When you saw Spring Breakers, did you feel like it was making fun of you or recreating you in a positive way?
Well I don't suck guns, and I drive more expensive cars than that and have fresher braids. There was a couple times where they used my lines as seen here the Stack change link.

Did you like the movie?

Do you think James Franco/Harmony Korine have given you enough credit as inspiration for Franco's character?
They have given me none which is why we are here today dealing with this $10,000,000 law suit. They thought i would fold under pressure under their lies and what have you, they had no idea that dispute their feeble attempt to destroy me and call me a liar, and all the tabloids siding with them becuz I'm not liked, but my fans have stayed honest and brought the rice out on several occasions to let people know that these facts will receive justice. RAP GAME DAViD JUSTiCE.

Why $10 million?
Movie has grossed close to 40 million since the DVD dropped and we assume JAMES FRANCO got at least 20 mil so asking half of what he had should be fair. He can have my style, for 10 mil.

What would you do with the money?
Buy some candy painted cars and a candy painted mansion with a Horchata machine in my living room, water slide from the top of roof to living room jacuzzi, electric maids to clean the house and call them Jetson & Judy.

Do you think this lawsuit is going to change the public's perception of you?
I don't care about perception i care about Cars, girls & money.

If they made a Spring Breakers 2 and offered you a role, would you take it?
In a Versace Heartbeat.

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Update: In an effort to introduce new evidence on the situation, RiFF RaFF was gracious enough to send over a screenshot of an e-mail exchange between him and Harmony Korine, the writer/director of Spring Breakers. In it, it's clear that Korine originally e-mailed RiFF in February 2012 and asked him to be in his upcoming movie. Check it out below.