As a rap fan, you may or may not know the struggle of having a conversation with anti-rap critics who believe the music has had a bad influence on listeners since it originated in the 1970s. While it's notoriously believed by many outsiders that rap music promotes and glorifies drugs, violence, misogyny and other criminal connotations, it turns out it may not be as heavy on the drug use as other genres of music.

According to a new study conducted by, they tracked down data from Songmeanings API, which revealed rap music actually makes the least amount of drug references compared to all other genres. The platform claims country music actually makes more references to drug use than any other genre, followed by jazz, pop, electronic, and rock.

The site stated, "If you ask the casual music fan which genres are more likely to bring up recreational substance use, hip-hop or contemporary electronic music are likely to be the most common answers. But according to our research, both of these styles are relatively tame. Out of eight categories, country leads the way with a 1.6 percent occurrence on average, followed closely by jazz and pop music. Hip-hop actually falls in last place at less than 1.3 percent behind folk, challenging the assumption that all rappers are lyrical drug peddlers."

Charts also display the progression of drug references used in music over-time, which shows that it has plummeted greatly since its peak in the mid-2000s.

Essentially, if you're a fan of rappers who speak on their love for weed, or who promote their lean-drinking habits, you no longer have to worry about the potential country and rock fans around you that may give you a hard time.

Check out the statistics on to find out more information on the newest study.

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