Robin Williams, one of the most beloved comedians and actors of this or any generation, was found dead this morning in what is being reported as a suicide at his home in California. Williams—known, among other things, for his expressive and chameleonic voice which he would twist into ridiculous and on-point accents and songs—was also an impeccable improvisational comedian, and often incorporated a huge variety of music into his off-the-cuff performances. That didn't rule out hip-hop, either. In tribute to the man, XXL has put together a brief history of Robin Williams rapping in movies, in his standup and on the small screen. RIP.

The Raptor, Mrs. Doubtfire

If this wasn't improvised, then whoever wrote it knew Williams better than anyone could have. A hilariously small bit from one of his most iconic movies.

"Batty Rap," FernGully: The Last Rainforest

"Yo, the name is Batty/The logic is erratic," introduces Williams' character in this voice acting role from 1992. Bizarre, but endearingly so more than 20 years down the line.

McDonalds Ad Outtakes, The Crazy Ones

The outtakes to an episode of his recent television show, The Crazy Ones, featured Williams and co-star James Wolk "freestyling" about...ketchup. It gets as graphic as you could be on CBS.

RV: Runaway Vacation

Sticking up for his son, Williams shows up to back up the kid from some roughnecks from Scottsdale, and does it in his own hip-hop vernacular. Does he threaten to audit them? I think he does.

The Grim Rapper, Live 2002

This Broadway performance pits his comedy to a hip-hop cadence over a beat in a way that is just about as ridiculous as you could imagine. This performance, and the album it spawned, won Williams a Grammy in 2003. In retrospect, it's pretty sobering.

Freestyling on National Lampoon

While promoting Night At The Museum, Owen Wilson lays down a beat while Williams goes about as ridiculous as possible while freestyling and flitting in and out of singing and rapping. Hilarious, bizarre, insane.