Atlanta natives Nessly and Madeintyo are no strangers to working with one another, and now the two have linked back up to drop their latest single, "Lifevest."

The two rappers address their current love interests on the melodic, Nick Miras-produced track, but still manage to sneak in bars about getting to the money. Nessly opens up the song with lyrics that are both cunning and comical. "Why the fuck you playing with my feelings for?/You be in your bedroom on your phone like it's a ouija board," he raps.

On the second verse, 2017 XXL Freshman Madeintyo throws in his preferred fashion choices before venturing into his sex life. "What the fuck you really, really waiting for?/I jump in that Gucci, buy the whole store, " he raps. "Off-White jeans, feel like Virgil/Told you a lot of things, yeah, I ain't tryna hurt you."

"[MadeinTyo], 24[hrs] and I go way back," Nessly revealed to us during his last visit to XXL. "When I was 16, 17, we were all just local Atlanta kids. No one knew us at all. I’d go over to their apartment and we’d work on music together." The rapper—once a part of Private Club—featured 24hrs on "Water Springs," off his latest project, Wildflower, released last month.

Read how Ness has reinvented himself with this offering, and listen to "Lifevest" below.

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