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I’ve given Sly Fox almost an entire week to show some reciprocity. I clearly shouldn’t have been holding my breath.

*removes pin*

So as soon as Barack the Vote gets mentioned in some rapster’s hot 16 they attach the senator by his umbilical to every questionable statement or decision said rapster had made since birth. Yet, no one seems to have a problem with John McCain giving a room full of high-school girls a "gasolina" shower.

I guess the lyrics don’t count if they’re in Mexican.

For McCain to stand with a man whose last alb-lum is named “El Cartel: The Big Boss” is some hilarious shit in and of itself. The crazy ‘Nam hobbit even cited the oh-so-clever double entendre-laden booty track in his introduction. If Daddy Yankee so much as spit an underground mixtape freestyle about Obama, the Illa-Noize senator would be subject to a full cavity search and detainment hearing live on Fox Klan Network.

Only us douchebag bloggers have touched on the endorsement and double standard thereabout. I have yet to come across a major media outlet that has given Juan McCain’s Reggaeton Triple Play any shine. Not even a peep from the vile “journalist” Bill O’Reilly.

Let’s be fair and balanced about this shit, Bill. Bill! Come on, Bill!

Negro, please. The double standard is maddening and tastes like used “falafel.”

What? You mad, doggy? Haaaaaa! You maaaaaaaad!

For those of you who just got out of prison missed this week’s current events, here’s the Mexican version:

In dire need of CelebReality affect to counteract the dreamy, effervescent aura of the Democratic Party’s Barack Star, McCain turned to Ramon “Da-Dee-Jan-Kee” Ayala. The reggaetonero claims that he endorses McCain because of his stance on “the immigration issue.” Strangely enough, viewers unfairly assume that Ayala is particularly concerned with the well-being of immigrants.

I, for one, am not going for the bullshit. Growing up in New York, I’ve come to know a grip of Puerto Ricans that actually look down on Dominicans, Mexicans and other forms of Latino that came here from other countries.

I’m not saying Jankee purports anti-immigration or self-hating sentiment either. I’m just saying we don’t know what the fuck he means when he uses such cloudy terminology. Papi’s got an accent and all, but his English is good enough to expand on why he supports McCain if he wanted to. The whole situation reeks of elephant shit Republican shadiness.

On the same coin, people who think McCain really plans to make things easier for immigrants are fucking with whatever’s got DMX on his current 15-year bender.

Fortunately for Obama he helped his own cause by dropping that ether on all of those slutmonkeys last night. Until the Mile High Stadium showcase I was wondering why the McCain jabs were so few and far between at the DNC. I guess Kennedy, The Clinton Foundation, Kerry and Joe Budden… I mean, Biden were all in agreement to let Barack “That Can’t Be His Fuckin’ Name” Obama call his own number and pimp-stroll the ball in for 6.

If you missed the “I Have A Dream 2008” b/w “Ether” speech because you were in prison or something, you're one of the many casualties of modern-day slavery but I’ll recap anyways:

“Is he McCain-Diddy? McCain Daddy? McCain Dummy?” –Barack Obama

Not only did Barry finally raise his pistols to the GOP, but he had a nigga all kinds of inspired. I’m about ready to kiss a homeless baby on the mouth!

Oh, the sensationalism is thick!

Speaking of which, the one thing I’m fucking with Young Jeezy on is that "hands-off policy" on Barack. Some of you were taken aback by a remark I’d made in the last Obama-related blog about the likelihood of Barry O catching a Kennedy. I was just keeping it 100. Y’all know how “them people” be. At every point in American history where a prominent figure has engaged the masses effectively with great idealism we’ve gotten a piece of his mind… on the dashboard.

When If they touch Barack, it’s tool-up time. That’s is all.

So, yeah... after much digression, today's NP goes to the media for letting McCain and Daddy Oreo off the hook so easily this week. Apparently hip-hop’s only at the center of political controversy when it benefits the slave masters.

I’m truly disappointed today. This is why I blog.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Sarah Baracuda is gonna get it too. ron@ronmexicocity.com

Sarah Palin is gonna get it… but not likely here on XXL unless she’s dancing on the bridge pussy poppin in the new Daddy Yankee video. Y’all know where to find me this weekend.

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