Nebu Kiniza experienced a breakthrough thanks to his single "Gassed Up." The Atlanta transplant hopes his latest song "Lit" will take him to even greater heights as he dropped a music video for the new cut. The visual sees Nebu throwing a wild party while letting the world know just how lit it is.

"I just turnt up in the club with Henny in my hand/She is just getting drunk as fuck with Remy in her hand/We be in Atlanta, in L.A., it don't matter/Colorado, New York, where we stay, it don't matter/Hotel room gotta fuck it up/Bad little bitch she gon' fuck it up/I just met your girl at the hotel lobby/Ain't gotta do much for her to tell me," Nebu raps.

XXL caught up with Nebu earlier this month to speak with the young rapper about his career. The Queens native told us that progression is his main goal.

"[My goal is] to always progress and always become a better person," Nebu said. "I want to learn a lot from this music experience. I never see myself doing anything beside the music except venturing into newer businesses. If I tell myself I can do something, I’m going to do it, period.”

Check out XXL's entire interview with Nebu for more insight on his ascent in the rap game as well as some details on the making of his popular single "Gassed Up." Be on the lookout for his Forever Ready EP, which is due out in 2017.

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