Women are making groundbreaking moves in the rap game and Mulatto is among those next up to mark her name in the hip-hop sands. The Atlanta native (ClayCo to be exact), one of the 12 rappers inducted into the 2020 XXL Freshman cover, has broken the mold with her bossy rhymes and southern sass. And actually, that's the exact game she's kicking in her Freshman freestyle.

While unabashedly talking that talk, Mulatto, 21, seemingly offers an explanation for why she refers to herself as "Big Latto." Through bars smooth like butter and flowing like silk, the Down South rhymer, who has been driving race cars since she was a kid, lets it be known that she demands respect, she's serious about her craft and she secures the bag.

Mulatto has been grinding on the rap scene for a minute—since 2016—but she isn't intimidated by the diligence and tenacity that having longevity in the game requires. "Yeah, they call me 'Back In Latto'/Three shows, one night," she starts off.

She also isn't to play with and won't be played. "Bitch, I'm too rich to fight/Yo' head ain't nothin’ but a price/I don't got a type, long as bag bigger than mine/Nigga, I'm spoiled ’cause my folks and nem was movin' that white/You might see me out with one of my niggas in public/I ain't trippin’, he ain't hit it/Can't name one that I'm fuckin’/You know Latto low-key/I'm a young OG/You can't play a playa, real P-I-M-P," she spits.

"I see these bitches sneak dissin’, they know better to try/’Cause like a checked bag, we ain't letting that shit fly/Big Latto got ’em big mad and you see why/I'm pimpin’ niggas like Chyna, pussy all on his line-up/Four, five different designers, they all like, 'I shoulda signed her'/Can't keep up, but they tryna/Bitch, you played like a vinyl/When he ask if this pussy mine, I told him kinda, " Mulatto raps as she closes out her minute-long freestyle.

Born Alyssa Stephens, Mulatto has been putting in work since she appeared on the reality competition show The Rap Game in 2016, which she won. Four years later, she's quickly becoming a popular name in hip-hop and her freestyle further proves why artists like Gucci Mane (her favorite rapper) have hopped on songs like "Muwop" with her—an interpolation of Gucci's 2006 hit, "Freaky Girl." The RCA Records rapper's highlight track "B*tch From Da Souf," which garnered a major cosign from Da Baddest, Trina, on the remix and also features Saweetie, appears on her new album, Queen of Da Souf. Her EP and mixtape track record is pretty lengthy up to this point, too: Miss Mulatto (2016), Latto Let ’Em Know (2017), Mulatto (2018), Big Latto (2019) and Hit the Latto.

Moral of the story is Mulatto is here to stay. See her deliver slick rhymes by checking out her 2020 XXL Freshman freestyle, powered by Rap Caviar, below.


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