New Jersey artist Mir Fontane is one of the more interesting talents from the tri-state, especially as a rapper who works harmony into his music. His newest work is the video for his single "New Friends," which also features one of his favorite collaborators, Kodie Shane.

The Taj Francois-directed video starts with Mir Fontane sitting at a birthday party that doesn't seem to be going too well. He's on a couch, next to a skeleton, and even poses and takes a pic with it. The rest of the scene reveals that Mir is the only actual person at the party. Luckily, he finds Kodie Shane, and they finish performing the song as she walks through a house.

The song's hook, sung by Mir, makes perfect sense when matched with the video. "I don't need new friends/But they always seem to pop up/I was left for dead, now I'm just tryna get my knots up," he says, looking forward to better days. "No sleep in my bed/All my friends are dead or locked up."

Kodie Shane's verse comes later in the song, and her bounce fits the track perfectly. "Every time I cop some ice/My old hoes seem to pop up," she brags, convincingly.
Kodie raps, "She say she don't do drugs/’Cause her jaw, it just be locked up/Shocker" from there, and kills the rest of her verse.

"New Friends" appears on Mir's early 2018 EP, Macaroni Tony, which was premiered by XXL. Late last year, he freed his documentary Camden: A Child Invincible.

Watch the video for "New Friends" below.

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