Migos are continuing to bask in their monumental musical success, but their exposure means that all eyes, ears, and even noses, are focused on them. Reports say that the Atlanta trio's tour bus was raided after a concert last night (April 5) in Boone, N.C., leading to one person in their posse getting arrested.

According to the city's police, authorities boarded the tour bus to search it after officers that were working security at the concert venue smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle while the crew were leaving. Police stopped the bus on the highway and ended up finding 420 grams of marijuana, as well as 26 ounces of codeine and Xanax.

While Quavo, Takeoff and Offset didn't seem to get into trouble for the discovery, one person in their entourage was arrested, while two others received citations. The man who was arrested, Jharon Ahmad Murphy, was charged with both felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell or deliver and misdemeanor possession of codeine. As far as the other two, one was given a citation for possession of marijuana and codeine, and the third was cited for misdemeanor possession of Xanax.

While the Culture II rappers were not arrested or charged, it may or may not prompt the group to change how they move around authorities while they are on the road.

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