Migos gets a bad rap. Their music is vulgar (yet infectious); they get into violent beefs; they beat up their own fans; and (allegedly) stick up promoters at concerts.  Yes, they do some reckless shit but that doesn't necessarily make them terrible people.

Yesterday, the trio showed that they have a compassionate side when they donated $1,000 to a high school in Atlanta on behalf of Migos. Normally a donation of that caliber by a celebrity either goes unreported or unrecognized but not in this case. The crew gave the money in the form of an over sized check and showed up for the presentation in expensive designer clothing and gaudy jewelery--the worth of which easily dwarfed the $1,000 donation. Migos soon came under fire for the presentation and Power 105.1's Charlagmange Tha God named Migos the Donkey Of The Day on "The Breakfast Club" this morning

Once the internet got a hold of the Instagram picture of Migos proudly presenting the check, people went nuts in criticizing and defending the group:


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