In a new Instagram video, Quavo assures fans the dab ain't actually dead. Watch him explain below.

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All good things, especially viral dance trends, must come to an end, and so is the case for the dab. Earlier this month, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who popularized the dance for a wider audience, turning it into his go-to celebration, told a Charolette radio station that he'd no longer be dabbing, saying, "I have to put that aside...I have time. I have until September to find out [a new celebration dance.]"

Now, Quavo of Migos, the group that many credit for starting the craze, furthering its online reach with their song "Look at My Dab," tells TMZ that Cam is correct in laying the dance to rest. "You gotta give everybody a new trend, a new wave, something new to do," Quavo said, after hitting a dab and giving it an R.I.P. "So I feel him on that. Everybody was copying, it’s time to switch lanes."

The cameraman then asks the Migos member if they have any new moves planned. "We ain't gonna tell you, cause you know y'all gonna take it, bite it, rewrite it and recreate it. We'll come out with something to hit em with."

While the dab was fun and easy enough to learn, there is no doubting its ubiquity, particularly when Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres are hitting the move on daytime television. Pour one out for the dab and hit the popular motions one last time as the collective tastemakers and trend starters work towards creating the next craze that will come and go with similar swiftness.

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