Criminal activity and gun violence rings high in Chicago, which is one reason why Chi-town native Mick Jenkins chose that as the theme to his video for "Dehydration." In the visuals, Mick Jenkins and friends are involved in a drive-by shooting. He contemplates retaliation, but realizes reacting with negativity only fuels the circle of violence. The DJ Dahi-produced track is featured on his critically acclaimed sophomore mixtape The Water[s].

Watch the unfortunate events unfold in the Nathan R. Smith directed visuals above.

Mick Jenkins on the inspiration behind "Dehydration": Myself and Nathan, who's the director of the video, we came up with a rough idea and carved it out. The idea behind "Dehydration" is a person who is thirsty. The character I play is someone who's caught between the gang world and the chiller aspect of just really hanging out and being with friends. In that situation your torn between to retaliate or do something better and get out of the lifestyle; that's the dichotomy being shown in that video.