A couple weeks back, Meek Mill's lawyers filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition in order to have his testimony thrown out, and it looks like the filing has sparked a major movement for wrongfully convicted inmates in Philadelphia.

According to reports, the Defender Association of Philadelphia is now petitioning several PCRAs to the Philadelphia courts in order to help wrongfully convicted inmates become eligible for a re-trial. Some, including Meek, are hoping that it can even fully dismiss their charges altogether.

Meel's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, offers an official statement to XXL about Meek's petition filing and how it could impact other wrongfully convicted defendants.

“Meek filed a petition to have his original conviction overturned, and to be released on bail while his application is considered by the court," he states. "Other defendants have also filed for similar relief based on the existence of the list, claiming violations of their rights, and also seeking to have their convictions overturned. We are hopeful that this newly discovered evidence will result in the immediate release from prison of all of the people convicted based on the wrongful conduct of the officers at issue, and the overturning of their convictions.”

The Wins & Losses rapper's legal team originally filed the petition a couple of weeks ago after The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the Philadelphia District Attorney is holding a secret list of corrupt Philly police officers. The officers on the list reportedly have a list of racial bias, brutality and other wrongdoings, which includes the cop that arrested Meek back in 2007.

A recent PCRA filing from the Defender Association of Philadelphia has also been made public to encourage the Philly D.A. to take serious action.

Hopefully these petitions being filed will help bring justice to those who have been wrongfully convicted in the past, and prevent others from the same fate in the future.

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