Meek Mill's legal team is once again making an attempt to have the rapper freed from prison by filing a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition.

According to new court documents filed on Wednesday (Feb. 14), the officer who arrested Meek in 2007—Reginald Graham—has a history of making dirty arrests and the rapper's team wants his testimony thrown out.

The documents show that former Philadelphia police officer Jerold Gibson said Graham lied about what happened during Meek's arrest. Gibson, a member of the same squad as Graham, provided a sworn affidavit where he says the "Dreams and Nightmares" artist never pointed a gun at the officer or anyone else.

Gibson also states that while Meek did pull a gun out of his waistband, it was only to discard the weapon, which was then recovered a few feet away from the rapper following his arrest.

Elsewhere in the documents, Graham's history of abuse, lying and racial bias are detailed, based on the affidavit of former officer Jeffrey Walker. According to the docs, Graham frequently stole and kept money that was recovered during searches and arrests, beat people who were considered suspects and even admitted to Walker that he beat Meek in 2007 or 2008.

On Tuesday (Feb. 13), it was reported the District Attorney's Office of Philadelphia secretly compiled a list of cops with a "history of lying, racial bias, or brutality, in a move to block them from testifying in court."

While the list has not been made public, sources for The Philadelphia Inquirer say it includes Graham. And while Graham's reason for being on the list is unknown, Walker claimed he used to steal with him.

Along with his release from prison, Meek's team wants his convictions vacated and if charges are not withdrawn or dismissed, they want a new trial.

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