Did Meek Mill have his people put paws on Safaree? That is the question that people are pondering after video surfaced of some dudes jumping Nicki's ex with Meek nearby at a day party on Friday (June 23). Now, the Dreamchasers rapper is denying any involvement in the thumping.

Meek was stopped by TMZ in Beverly Hills on Saturday (June 24), who asked about the incident. The Philly MC played the puzzled role at first. "Who?," he responded when Safaree's name is brought up. "Ain't no beef," he later adds. "I don't know how they got us confused with that type stuff."

DJ Self's name has been floating around as having something to do with Safaree getting stole on, since he was also in close proximity when it went down. He is vehemently denying he had anything to do with it. He recently posted a video on Instagram to clear the air.

“To protect my name and my brand, I feel like I have to address this,” he said. “It was an issue that happened yesterday, and both parties are good friends of mine. I rock with both of them, and I do not like to get in between people’s beef. And if I do, I like to squash it as opposed to provoke it. Now, it was no way, now how where I could ever line somebody up or set somebody up. First of all it was impossible for me to do that because I didn’t know that either party was gonna be there. When I got up there, I saw one of my friends, and I was talking to him…then another friend pulled up, and it just happened.”

The Game has offered his two cents on the situation. He thinks Meek and Safaree should scrap it out. But it doesn't sound like Meek is down for the one-on-one. "Ima boss. Ima don. I don't even fight," Meek tells TMZ.

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