Meek Mill appears to be taking a break from social media following a call for peace amongst Philadelphia rappers that he made on his Twitter account.

On Monday (Nov. 16), Meek Mill's Twitter and Instagram accounts were deactivated after the 33-year-old Championships rhymer received backlash for offering to help secure record deals for Philadelphia-based artists in exchange for settling street beefs. However, the mixed opinions Meek received after announcing his plan to help end violence in his city had nothing to do with him deactivating his social media pages.

After posting his initial tweet on Monday, which read, "I'll get all the main big artist in Philly a deal if they put them bodies behind them and squash them beefs...I hear about... got some hot young bulls from my city, but they all beefing," Meek received a response from fans that was not expected. Several fans were not fond of the "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper push for rappers to stop beefing in Philly.

One fan tweeted, "Meek Mill talking bout 'stop the violence' but got 'Killadelphia' as his location. Change starts with you bro."

Other people on Twitter made reactionary memes based on Meek Mill's proposition.

Poundside Pop, a rising rapper from Philly, called out Meek on Instagram as well. He referenced a tweet that Meek Mill posted last week following the death of King Von.

"Pretty soon everybody gone have to pick a side ..... too much real shit going on too be cool wit everybody!." read the tweet Meek wrote that Poundside Pop included in an Instagram post. In the caption for the IG post, Poundside urged Meek to pick a side. "@meekmill ITS TIME FOR YOU TO PICK A SIDE...... IS YOU ZOO OR NOT NIGGA????," he wrote in the IG caption.

The "Going Bad" rapper responded to the fellow Philadelphia rhymer, saying, "I ain't picking no side nigga letting the wock hit you too hard fam." In one of the final comments to come from this exchange, Meek wrote, "I ain't no fucking zoo gang nigga."

After this exchange made its rounds online, people began to notice that Meek had deactivated his social media accounts. Many people speculated that the rapper removing himself from the platforms was in relation to the commentary he received after trying to end the beefs in Philly and him being called out by Poundside Pop, who also claims he "banned" Meek from North Philadelphia where Meek is from.

In all actuality, Meek mentioned that he'd be taking himself off social media ahead of him dropping new music this Friday. In a tweet shared on Monday evening, Meek announced he will be taking a break before delivering a four-pack of new music to fans.

"New flame this Friday 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 4 pack," he wrote. The Maybach Music Group artist followed up with another tweet, writing, "Im deactivating til friday when I got music out!!!!!!."

See more reactions to Meek Mill offering record deals to stop the violence in Philly below.

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