With all the advances in technology these days, making music and building a fan base becomes more accessible, especially for the younger crowd. Matt Ox, the Philadelphia teen who first got hot with his 2017 song "Overwhelming" at just 12 years old, gives credence to the idea that youth will always play a part in the genre. Now 14, Matt has a record deal with Motown Records, a 2018 debut album titled OX and collabs with Valee, Chief Keef and the late XXXTentacion. With the interesting journey he's had so far, Matt Ox shares more about his early beginnings and come up for XXL's Who Am I? series.

First up, Matt highlights the two sides of being a Philly native. "It's a lot of paranoia that grows with you out there," he says. After sharing that observation, he offers the lighter side of his city: "I love it out there. That's really my hometown. All my friends out there for real."

Most kids spend plenty of time outside growing up, and Matt Ox is no different. Besides playing in the park, the rising rapper bides his time by watching cartoons on Adult Swim. He also had another hobby that eventually turned into much more. "I used to like making music, writing on my notepad and finding new beats," he explains. "That just took off for me." He was around 9 years old at the time, which is early for anyone to take music seriously. That dedication paid off.

When it comes to his musical tastes, Matt Ox's early favorites were both legends. "I was stuck in a little Eminem phase for a little bit," the rhymer begins. "I had a little Michael Jackson phase for a little bit, then I started liking Eminem more. I used to really like X too, before I ever made a song with him." Matt and XXXTentacion collaborated on the song "$$$," a cut from X's ? album.

And when it comes to the biggest misconception about him, Matt Ox wants you to know he's smarter than you think. "I'm a kid, but I'ma let them have that. I want them to," he reveals about what people think about him. "Think I'm not intelligent."

For more stories from Matt Ox, such as him playing the drums and rapping at the same time, working with Chief Keef and more, check out the video up top.

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