Master P and his estranged wife Sonya Miller's divorce takes a nasty turn as Sonya files a lawsuit against their son Romeo. TMZ obtained court docs filed by Sonya against Romeo, claiming that P uses their son to hide assets. According to Sonya, she and Master P co-founded No Limit Records together in 1990. However, Romeo was named as the co-owner and co-founder of the newly created No Limit Forever with the hip-hop mogul, preventing Sonya from touching any money that has come in. Sonya believes the Ice Cream Man spitta is using the No Limit Forever label as a ruse for blocking her from of getting paid.

Sonya's second claim relates to Master P's reality show coming to Reelz called Master P's Family Empire, which airs Nov. 28. Mrs. Miller says P strategically prevented her from getting paid by putting Romeo’s name on the payroll documents. Master P was paid $750,000 for the first season of the show. Sonya makes it clear in the lawsuit that she doesn't believe her son is to blame. Instead she said he may likely be an “unwitting pawn.”

Last month, it was reported that the former TRU rapper threatened to stop paying rent in the home Sonya and their 16-year old daughter lived in. It was also rumored that he threatened to repossess her car. In response to the allegations, P said that Mrs. Miller put the rumors out as a publicity stunt and she should spend more time focusing on their children.

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