Master P season is imminent. Yesterday (May 25), the No Limit boss served up a preview for his Intelligent Hoodlum album, which is due out tomorrow (May 27). Let's just say the Ice Cream Man is definitely getting back to his roots.

The preview sees Master P rocking a ski mask while posted up in what's presumably a New Orleans neighborhood. The audio appears to be a track from his new album, and given the grimy nature of the video, it's an appropriately raucous one.

"I been around murderers and hustlers, might take the stand on me nigga I don't trust you," P raps over a booming piano-laced instrumental. From there we see more shots of a neighborhood, with people from virtually every age group represented.

Master P's verses on the song are just as bleak as his hook. On the track he raps, "I was raised by the preacher, I was right by the teacher/I had a nine and a beeper, cuz these niggas will sneak you/Man I jumped off the porch, 'cause momma was poor/Daddy couldn't find a job, we posted up by the store."

The track playing in this preview is a bit different from his previous single "If," which was a summer-friendly love jam that found the rap vet getting pretty tender. It's cool, because it shows we can expect his latest project to be a multifaceted one. We can't wait.

Watch P's new preview for yourself below.

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