Master P has just unveiled his newest business venture in the digital world. The No Limit Forever head announced today (Sept 28) that he has his own video game in the works. The game will be called Get Money and it will be available for Playstation, Xbox, PC and in the Apple apps store.

Get Money will be modeled after the famous video game saga Grand Theft Auto and set in P's hometown of New Orleans. Players can either choose to play a as villain, hustler, cop, boss, or entertainer trying to stack as much paper as possible. As the press release for the game states, the objective of the game is to make the right moves, legal or illegal, in order to make it to the top.

“If you make the right choices, you get the money. But if you make the wrong choices it’s death, jail or destruction just like in the real world.”

This video game has been a passion project almost a decade int the making for the NOLA legend. P says he partnered with a team of Korean developers six years ago to get Get Money off the ground and plans to take the new company, Get Money Video Game, public in 2018.

Master P isn't the only rap mogul to turn his attention to the gaming world. Rappers like Eminem, 50 Cent, Tyga and Meek Mill have all launched gaming apps based on their lifestyles. Whether Master P's game is an endless runner, straight shooter or multi-platform still remains to be seen.

“Why are we not benefitting from this multi-billion dollar industry that has been created off of our lifestyle,” Master P, real name Percy Miller, stated in the presser. “We have to expand our mind to technology. It is the new way to sell music.”

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