Master P and the No Limit crew are coming to Atlanta. The New Orleans native will be heading to the ATL in October to participate in the 2016 A3C Festival. Master P is scheduled to be part of a panel discussion in addition to performing on the main stage.

A conversation with Master P called "There Is No Limit" is currently slated to take place on Oct. 7 in the ballroom of the A3C Conference Center. The No Limit Records boss will follow that up on Oct. 9 with a show at the A3C Festival Grounds. Master P will be joined by Snootie Wild, Rico Richie, and Moe Roy of The No Limit Boys at the event, as well as the almighty Mystikal.

"I am very excited to participate in A3C this year," Master P tells XXL. "Over the years, this conference has become a great platform for new music and ideas. I look forward to introducing The No Limit Boys and sharing my story in this year's conversation series. I think events like this are important to the continued growth of hip hop."

Master P's panel discussion is sure to examine his storied career as a rapper and record executive. But if you won't be able to make it to Atlanta for A3C, you should check out XXL's recent interview with the No Limit leader. During the interview, P explained why he felt he paved the way for trap music.

"To me I feel like [P's 1996 album Ice Cream Man] was the blueprint for trap music," Master P said. "Because nobody wasn’t talking about hustling like I was talking about it. Nobody was really a boss in the music industry, everybody had a boss, everybody had someone putting their music out. So when I talk about hustling and trapping, I think it opened the doors for the Gucci Manes and the Young Jeezys so they could have a verse and everyone else after it."

The entire interview is worth your time as Master P delves into the early days of No Limit Records, his issues with Pimp C and the accusations of stealing other artists' work.

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